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Lynx Design

Graphic design is a very powerful tool in marketing; it can inspire trust, attract new clients and make you look like the companies you aspire to be.

The market is full of great graphic designers and your choice is important. When you’re working with LYNX Design we work on landing the new clients that your business needs, and as fast as possible.

We saw bad design and customer service. People just didn’t care about what the customer wanted.

So we looked at ways we could improve this by providing a service designed to fit the individual needs and preferences of the customer.

Lynx design was formed to address the challenges that companies face with a cutting edge service that places them ahead of their counterparts.


About LYNX Design

We are designers based in Atlanta, Georgia, and our passion is helping small and medium-sized companies enhance their marketing efforts. We love what we do. Let us show you how great design can deliver great business results.

Our Design Philosophy

Attract more clients, increase revenue, bring people to an event, create a memorable brand—whatever your goals—design plays a critical role. Our design philosophy recognizes that creativity must reflect a clear understanding of your business drivers.

Our Services

LYNX Design offers a variety of standard and custom design services, including logos, website design and development, SEO, print design and printing, and more. Click here for more information.

How We Work with You

People often don’t know exactly what they need from a design firm and they’re not sure how to work with one. We have a structured process that begins by getting to know you and your business, uncovering your goals, and brainstorming about how design can support those goals. There’s no mystery—no wizard behind the curtain! We spell it all out. Click here for more information.

Our Ideal Clients

We don’t try to be all things to all people. Instead, we focus on what we’re good at, for clients who need and appreciate our unique approach to design. We’ve established a niche with individual owners, small and medium-sized companies, and nonprofit organizations. We love working with clients who view us as their creative services partner, rather than just an ‘order taker.’

Our Portfolio

Talking about our talents is one thing; the proof is in the deliverable. We’ve put together a sampling of our recent work, ranging from four-color logos to black and white printing and photography; from t-shirt graphics to business card designs. We cover the spectrum from structured to abstract, based on client needs, preferences and goals. We’d love to create something amazing for you! Click here to see some examples of our work.